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Tools We Recommend

Should you want to add to your tool collection these are a few of the best additions, and Dan recommends them.  Please note that the Kemper tools are made in multiple sizes, for example there are four sizes of hole punches, so get the exact thing I recommend. All of these are available at Standard Ceramics aka Ceramic Supply of Pittsburgh, located in Carnegie, PA., or elsewhere online. 

  • The KSP4 is a much better trim tool than the ones that come in the basic tool kit.
  • The stylus is an excellent signing tool.
  • The HC1A is just the right size for holes in berry bowls and colanders.
  • The calipers are used to measure inside or outside diameter when making lids.
  • The fettling knife, ribs, wiggly wire, and cheese cutter are used for faceting.
  • The fettling knife can also be used to make holes of different diameters and has multiple other uses as well.
  • The serrated rib can be used for scoring or texturing.
  • The throwing stick is for shaping the inside of a pot whose neck is too narrow to fit your hand.

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