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A history of Success

We have been making and selling pottery at our studio and gallery for over 40 years. There are always new things to see and everything is hand-made and one-of-a-kind.

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See the most complete collection of our work.

In our gallery, you will find the largest and most diverse selection of Fireborn pottery anywhere, plus work from other artists, including glass, jewelry, pottery, and prints. You will also find our larger scale work, experimental work, and sale items.

You will appreciate the balance, weight, and feel of each piece. Touching is important. 

Studio tours, by our knowledgable staff, are available.  We hope you enjoy using your pottery as much as we enjoyed making it. 

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Open Tuesday through Saturday: noon to 5:00
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Take a peek at our studio

The Kiln

Our kiln holds about 700 pots. We fire every three weeks on average so there is always fresh new work in the gallery.

Kiln openings are always exciting. It is like Christmas morning, but it happens more than once a year! There are always surprises and the best is when an experimental glaze or technique is transformed by the fire into a beautiful work of art (FireBORN i.e. birthed in fire). There is always something new. SaveSave

As the temperature inside the kiln increases the color goes from red to orange to white as we climb to 2400 degrees. A firing takes 18 hours to heat up and another 18 to cool down.

The Glaze room

We have 50 buckets of glaze and lots of containers, sprayers, and mixing equipment. Many of our glazes are of our own creation and took years of research and experimentation. Some are classic traditional recipes. We weigh the ingredients out to the gram so they are just right. 

Making Pots

Making pots involves many steps but our favorite and most creative part is forming new pieces from the soft clay. Most of our work is thrown on a potter’s wheel. Sometimes we alter thrown pieces to create more organic forms. Sometimes we use slabs and other hand-building techniques. Sometimes we design in a sketch book, but usually we sketch directly in clay. As we work we visualize the final product, including its form, color and function. 

The Gallery

Our gallery has now spread into four rooms. 

Take a closer look at our pottery

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Ash Glazed Pottery

About Ash Glazes We collect ashes from friends’ fireplaces and, after screening them, spray them directly on some of our pottery before firing. The rivulets

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Shino Glazed Pottery  Shino is a glaze that deserves a page all of its own. This category of glaze has Japanese origins but has been

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Terra Cotta

Back to Shopping TERRA COTTA POTTERY This line of terra cotta wall hangings, sculptures vases and planters was started in 2018. Terra Cotta Planter Decorated

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Night Sky

Back to Shopping Night Sky- by Donna Hetrick What happens in the forest at night? Who is awake? What are the animals doing? Tree Bowl

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Red Platter pictured above20 inches largeGreat on a wall or table was $1200, Now $600 that’s 50% off Come in today! We have monthly sales

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Raku Wall Hangings with impressions of plants Raku is a Japanese word for an unusual firing process and the resulting pottery. The pottery is heated

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Handblown Glass

We have hand blown glass by over 20 artists Wavy Glass Bowl 10″ Vase with Gold Leaf and Decoration 14″ Handblown Glass Ornaments Glass Vase

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Our Glazes

We have over 40 glazes. There are thousands of possible combinations. Finding the right combination for the form and function of the pot is the

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Donn Hedman

Donn Hedman Pottery Donn grew up in Africa where his parents were missionaries. You can see the influence in his slip trailed glaze decorations. He

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Festiva Ware – NEW This is a new work by Daniel Vito using colorful underglaze slip painting on porcelain. Festiva- by Dan Vito-2 Festiva- by

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Custom Work

All of our dinnerware is custom-made after consultation and collaboration with the client. Glazes, pattern, style, and shape evolve. The client will get a totally

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