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Shop at our gallery for Fireborn pottery along with work by other artists in a variety of media including glass, ceramic, jewelry, and Raku.

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Adult Classes are for students of all experience levels, from beginner to advanced, with individualized instruction based on students' interests. Basic and advanced wheel throwing techniques will be covered.

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Our Glazes

We have over 40 glazes. There are thousands of possible combinations. Finding the right combination for the form and function of the pot is the

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How do simple, beautiful objects bind us together?

There is a powerful connection between artist, object and user. Objects made by hand, and touched over time, sometimes passed down from one generation to the next, connect us to family, community and culture in special ways. As a maker, I feel and an obligation to create the best objects I can.

On Mugs

Each mug is one-of-a-kind, made by hand, and noticeably unique. You will appreciate the balance, weight, and handle of each piece. We hope you enjoy using your mug as much as we enjoyed making it.

Mugs deliver pleasure. Hands, lips, nose, and mouth are high on the list of sensual receptors, and mugs deliver pleasure to all of them. The warmth of a mug, the smell of coffee, the taste and feel of a beverage, and the look and design of your vessel can elevate drinking to sensual indulgence and even a form of art. From the tea ceremony to communion, toasting Bottoms-Up or snuggling with a book and a beverage, to the mug on your desk at work, drinking vessels can be part of rituals and sources of sensual pleasure, and reminders of place and time. For us as potters, developing a nuanced awareness and appreciation of the drinking vessel helps us to make and appreciate them more fully. Because of that, they might be the most important thing we create, both for us and for you.

A note form Kim and Bill

Fireborn has been a part of many memories, connections, and family celebrations, and the making of moments to pause and reflect…your example has been an inspiration and your friendship a blessing.

About a Bowl

I write to you from Cape Cod. Years ago I got a bowl with the name Fireborn scrawled into the bottom. A few weeks ago it slipped out of my hands while I was washing it and broke in the sink. It’s my favorite bowl. I know it probably sounds weird but this bowl inspired me to cook. I loved it. My daughter and I made cookies, breads, pancakes…everything and it brought me joy in the kitchen. It’s been a tough couple of years and this bowl breaking just devastated me. I’m hoping I can replace it somehow. I’m including a picture. After looking through everything on your site I guess it’s the Glacier glaze. The bottom of the bowl measured about 4.5 inches and the top probably about 12 inches and it was about 5 inches high. I hope I can replace this bowl. Can you please help?