Private Lessons

Private and small group lessons are available. This is a great idea for an anniversary activity in the tradition of the film GHOST. Maybe you just want to get your hands in clay and try making a pot. Or maybe you want technical information.

If you want a finished product, there is follow-up work like trimming, glazing and firing that we can do for you, and you will wind up with a vessel that will last a lifetime.

Some people want to work on specific skills like making lids, or teapots. For folks who want to learn more about a specific subject, I can teach glaze formulation, show you how to use Glaze Calculation programs, mix glazes, fire kilns, or whatever.

The price is $100 for the first person and $50 for each additional person, per hour, and will be tailored to meet your needs. Additional hours are $50 per person. Click here to let us know you are interested.

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