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Goodbye Pots

Here are the main reasons pots end up in the dumpster: Pots are not claimed in a timely manner. After the term is over or

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The Best Handle

Tom Coleman demonstrates the best way to pull a handle. This is my favorite way to make a handle. I was going to make this

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Make Up Classes

Fireborn Studios does not offer make-up classes during another regularly scheduled morning or evening class. If you wish to get in more studio time consider

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Beginner Glazers Group

you are a beginner glazer unless Marked otherwise on the attendance sheet! There are three groups: Beginner, Independent, and Mentor.  YOU are in the beginner

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Tools We Recommend

Should you want to add to your tool collection these are a few of the best additions, and Dan recommends them.  Please note that the

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three vases

Expand Your Knowledge

There is so much to learn! Even if you can never master it all, it is fun to see the masters at work. Learn about the medium of clay and the ceramic processes.

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Reading List

Reading List Clay and Glazes for the Potter by Daniel Rhodes This is my potters’ bible of technical information – a must read if you want

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piggy bank

Technical Information

About Clay: There are many kinds of clay, like earthenware, stoneware, and the most beautiful, porcelain. Porcelain is glassy and non-absorbent when fired to maturity.

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