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Attached Handles, spouts, necks, feet, and Knobs add interest and complexity to your work

Attachments need to incorporated into the total design of your work so they look like a necessary and natural parts of the whole, not like a clunky, stuck-on, or misplaced hunk of clay. Attachments need to be proportioned correctly to fit the scale of the pot. They need to be functional. And they need to stay on, not crack or fall off.They need to be considered before you sit down at the wheel… as part of the whole design process. You can design on paper, or “sketch on the wheel” (as I often do), and discard the losers. But you need to design AND have the technical skill to make it work.

If you plan to go beyond bowl forms, and want to make quality mugs, pitchers, jars, teapots and casseroles, you need to deal with attachments. Let’s do it!

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