Sectional Pots

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Scale up the size of Your work

There is a practical limit to how high you can pull up a lump of clay, no matter how many pounds you plunk down on the wheel to start with. One factor is the length of your arm, and there are others, as well. If you want to make a pot over 13 inches tall, one of the best, and easiest ways, is to make it in sections. It is great for shorter pots too. The sections can be thrown and stacked. Another way is to add coils and throw them. Learning the techniques is critical, and so is a good design

This workshop will deal with making sections, stacking and joining them, and then throwing them together. For example, I often use two sections for the body, and a third for the neck to make a tall vase, lamp or jar. 

Sectional pots enable you to add more drama to your work. Larger pots have more of a “presence”. But understand: a good pot when made large is impressive and better, a bad pot when made large gets worse. It isn’t just bad, it screams UGLY! So good design in critical.

There will not be hands on practice time in this workshop. 

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