Mitigating Covid

Updated April 27, 2022. In order to mitigate Covid 19, Fireborn has made a number of policy changes, some of which include:

  • We are limiting enrollment to those who are fully vaccinated. Please bring proof to first class of term.
  • Masking is required
  • Limiting class size 
  • Spacing wheels farther apart
  • Installed fans to improve air flow
  • Using HEPA air filters to sanitize the air
  • Eliminating coffee and snacks
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Taking attendance to aid in contact tracing
  • Anyone with symptoms should stay at home
  • Anyone who has been exposed to someone who has tested positive needs to quarantine for 10 days or test negative
  • Anyone who tests positive needs to contact us for contact tracing

We are attempting to align with the CDC and PA guidelines as they evolve and become clarified. This can be a fluid and confusing situation. We hope herd immunity is reached before another more deadly strain emerges and spreads. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated.