Simply Amazing

This man throws 30 to 40 pound pots all day long, going through thousands of pounds of clay a day. This pot took him under 3 minutes to make. 

Tools We Recommend

Should you want to add to your tool collection these are a few of the best additions, and Dan recommends them.  Please note that the Kemper tools are made in multiple sizes, for example there are four sizes of hole punches, so get the exact thing I recommend. All of these are available at Standard […]

Adding Value To Your Pots

Altering, Carving, Faceting and Fluting can add value to your pots. I hope this videos help our students to find creative ways  to add value to their pots, using the above techniques, and have fun with the process.

Expand Your Knowledge

three vases

There is so much to learn! Even if you can never master it all, it is fun to see the masters at work. Learn about the medium of clay and the ceramic processes.

Videos Philosophical Musings

Think about life, process, fulfillment and how it all fits together.