Making large work is a fun challenge but there are practical considerations when working in a studio like this. Shelf height and shelf space, both in the kiln and on the ware racks are limited.  Large pots need special attention and handling. For that reason, large pots will cost you $20 per pot. I am not trying to make money on this. I am simply trying to discourage you from stressing our studio capacity. 

Maximum Wet Dimensions

Think of boxes. If your pot, as it sits on the wheel, won’t fit into one of these five boxes, I consider it oversized.

Box 1123
Box 2115
Box 3106
Box 4610
Box 5511

Pay You Instructor Immediately

Measure the pot as soon as you make it, when it is wet, fresh, and on the wheel; not when leather hard. If it is oversized and you want to keep it, pay with a credit card immediately. I will not put oversized pots under plastic unless they are paid for. I do not have the wherewithal to keep track of IOU’s. If you make oversized pots, the burden is on you to measure and pay for them immediately. 

If you do make a large pot, be sure it is really good and worth keeping. A bad pot when small whispers “ok”. A large bad pot will screams “horrible”. Rather than just making big pots, work on increasing the complexity and artistic value of your work.

For reference, our bats are 12”