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At Fireborn Studios we make our own work and teach classes. However, we frequently get requests for the following things, which we don’t currently offer:

  1. Firing Services
  2. Wheel Rental
  3. Studio Space (as in cubicle like mini studios)
  4. Open Studio (where anyone can come in a make some pots. Our current open studio is for our students only).
  5. Access to gallery space 

We support the notion that, “The more potters there are, the better!” We are considering offering some of the above mentioned services in order to build a stronger community of potters. We are not sure yet what we will do.

We would like to gather more information to help us find a path forward. We need to determine what people want. Please help us by filling out the form below.


Whether you love to make pots, but have no intention of quitting your day job, or your five-year plan is to be a self sufficient, full time artist/potter with a good income, how can you do it?

Should you take classes, set up a studio at home, rent studio space, buy a building? Do your plans include employees? How will you sell? 

How do you learn and grow? YouTube? Workshops? College? Classes? Do you need help? Do you need a critique? How do you connect with other potters? Do you need a sales venue? How do you develop your artistic voice and a vocabulary of forms, marks, techniques etc.? 

What firing temperature and atmosphere do you want? What kind of kiln? 

Whatever your goals, you may need some sort of support. What kind of support works for you at this stage in your development? Let us know.

For information on setting up your own studio READ MORE

Other Services Qestionnaire

Other Services Qestionnaire

We occasionally offer other services on a case by case basis.We may ba able to help you. Please provide some in formation

Check all that apply
What is your skill level?

Price list


Bisque Firing

Bisque firing will be available for full kilns only. We have two bisque kilns. The 10-27 is 6.4 cu ft and our 12-31 is 10.5 cu ft. 

The cost $40 and $60 respectively, for a full load. You load and unload the bisque. 

We do not offer glaze firing at this time. 

Wheel Rental

We have two Clay Boss wheels available. $30 per week plus a $200 security deposit. 1 bat is provided.