Ending Your Term

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Please decide whether or not you want to renew well before your term ends. If you want to continue, then please commit as soon as possible by making a deposit online. This will hold your space for you. There are several advantages to continuing. There is a $40 discount. If you take a break, you will need to take unfinished work home at the end of your term.

Pots trimmed during week seven of your term will be ready to glaze during your last class. Pots thrown during week seven will be ready to trim during your last class. Spend your last class trimming, glazing, and practicing throwing pots, but don’t save anything you throw that day… because you won’t be around to trim it. Pots thrown on your last class are just for practice.

We will email you after all your work is glaze-fired. You should come to get your work within 15 days. After that, it may be discarded because storage space is limited. Work with an illegible signature and/or missing information will be discarded first.

When you come to get your glaze-ware and bisque-ware, they MAY have been moved to the shelves by the washing machine on the second floor.

Unfinished Work

After your last class, you may have unfinished work in process, such as pots that were trimmed on week 8 and are not bisqued yet, or glazed pots that need to be fired, or pots that need to be trimmed.

We are sorry, but you can’t return during the next term to trim or glaze any of your pots. It would be disruptive to the flow of work through the studio and we will be very busy meeting the needs of all our new students. However, if you plan on returning for another class in the future, you can save your bisqueware and bring it back to glaze and fire it upon returning.


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