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It's working. Lots of people have said they came to Fireborn expressly to buy locally made products and support local business. THANK YOU!

Thank you for making Small Business Saturday, November 29, a big success!



Artists make the work.
Galleries support it.
Critics celebrate it.
Museums establish it.
Collectors buy it.


Interesting thought.... In India they believe beauty is man's connection to the Divine.


Some of us just need to make things.


Pottery is made from recycled mountains! Clay is made from weathered rocks. And when it is fired, it is transformed into glass and stone. Quite a cycle.

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Over 50 artists are represented in addition to Fireborn pottery.

Fireborn Gallery, owned by Daniel Vito and Donna Hetrick, features pottery handmade on the premises, plus handblown glass, jewelry, and other fine crafts...all of which are handmade by American artists.

Fireborn pottery, made by Daniel Vito, is sold exclusively at Fireborn Gallery, in South Side, Pittsburgh, PA.

His work includes unique one-of-a-kind pieces, large show pieces, dinnerware and serving pieces, tea and sushi ware, mugs, bowls, sculpture, wall-hangings, and experimental designs and glazes.

Daniel has been making pottery since 1972. Pure white porcelain clay is usually used, creating the ideal background for Fireborn's high-fired, vibrant, Asian-inspired glazes, such as chun, celadon, tenmoku, shino, and copper red.

Kiln Openings / Recent Firings


The next kiln opening wil be September 2, 2015. I am experimenting with ash glazes and glaze spraying, and have some very exciting new work. I made several very tall ash glazed jars and bottles.

Kiln openings are always exciting. It is like Christmas morning, but it happens more than once a year! There are always surprises and the best is when an experimental glaze or technique is transformed by the fire into a beautiful work of art (FireBORN i.e. birthed in fire). There is always something new.


How do simple beautiful objects bind us together?
Because objects obviously made and touched over time by one human, especially objects transferred to another human-being, sometimes passed down from one generation to another, connect us to family and community and culture.


My work is always evolving, but recently it has been evolving faster than ever. That means LOTS of new, more colorful glazes. My latest work includes carved celadon platter, vases and pitchers, and large ash glazed vessels. I just got back from a trip to North Carolina and am feeling the influence of traditional forms, wood firing and large pots.

Nice Note

Dear Fireborn, Mr. Vito and everyone there in PA,

I write to you from Cape Cod. Years ago I got a bowl with the name Fireborn scrawled into the bottom. A few weeks ago it slipped out of my hands while I was washing it and broke in the sink. It's my favorite bowl. I know it probably sounds weird but this bowl inspired me to cook. I loved it. My daughter and I made cookies, breads, pancakes...everything and it brought me joy in the kitchen. It's been a tough couple of years and this bowl breaking just devastated me. I'm hoping I can replace it somehow. I'm including a picture. After looking through everything on your site I guess it's the Glacier glaze. The bottom of the bowl measured about 4.5 inches and the top probably about 12 inches and it was about 5 inches high. I hope I can replace this bowl. Can you please help?


Mashpee, MA, 2012